Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Quotation Part 2

To continue with our challenge this week, Lynne is asking us this question as well.

Look around to see that you could have missed? Take some photos and show us.

I must admit I have been busy all week though if you were to ask me for specifics, I am not sure I could provide much information. You know how it is, you do a little of this and a little of that and before you know it, the day is gone. I spent several hours today trying to tame all of my plastic containers we use for leftovers, etc. They seem to multiply on their own and want to run away from the cabinet every time the door is opened. LOL! It sure seems like time goes by faster now that I am retired. It has been cooler here this week as well which really exacerbates my fibromyalgia. I stay so stiff and it really slows me down. But regardless, if I had not stopped and looked around today, I would not have noticed how beautiful our bougainvillea had gotten since the last time I took a picture of it a week or so ago.

I also had to make time to snap a few more pictures of Spencer. This is one of my favorites. He is holding on to his grandpa's finger (my ex). My daughter and her family are all doing well and adjusting to having a new baby.

I am keeping my camera ready in case I see anything else I may have missed this week. I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter.  xxx

Monday, March 25, 2013

The March Quotation

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”

This is the quote for March that Lynne has posed and this is her first question we are to answer.

Tell us how busy is your life this week? What are you up to?

Lynne will know this since we are Facebook friends, but this is what I have been busy with this week.

Meet Spencer Alexander Lund, my new grandson. Spencer was born on Sunday, March 24 (yesterday).

We spent all day at the hospital waiting for this little bundle of joy to come into the world. Here is one more picture I took today.

The little hat he has on is green on top. My daughter's obstetrician makes these hats for the babies she delivers. I called him my little Easter Egg. That is a pacifier in his mouth which seems to be almost as big as he is. I will post more on our challenge later in the week. But you can clearly see what I have been busy doing. :) xxx

5 Things Continued

I must apologize for being so far behind. It has been a busy week again. How did I ever find time to work before I retired?? ( LOL) Before I get to the last two items of our challenge, Lynne wanted to see a picture of the cowboy boots I mentioned in my last post. So, I dug them out of the closet. I'm afraid it is not a very good picture.

The last two questions posed were:

Can you tell us about your almost five minutes of fame, or your brush with a celebrity..
I don't think I have ever had a brush with a celebrity, I'm not that lucky. My closest five minutes of fame took place back in the 60's when I was on a local dance program called Hi-Time. It was our version of American Bandstand but without the famous singers and bands. I have always loved to dance and to be picked for the show was a great honor as they only took a few kids from each junior high school. To be honest, I don't even remember how I got picked. I do remember being nervous and thinking 'what if I trip or something on TV"? LOL It was fun though!

Can you tell us about a person who was a big influence on you?
I really can't think of anyone who was a big influence on me other than my mother. It was her upbringing that made me the strong woman I am today. I am a plain, honest person who does the best I can by everyone. I don't have any special skills or anything that makes me stand out but I am kind and loyal. I am the youngest of three children and the only one of without a college degree, but I consider myself as intelligent as my siblings. I chose to be a wife and mother over education at the time. Had I to do it all over again, I may have taken a different path, but I am satisfied with how my life turned out. :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nostalgia Challenge - 5 Things

Our challenge this week to tell everyone five things they don't know about me. Well, it can be about me,"or just plain trivia, be as deep and meaningful or frivolous as you like". I'm pretty open in my blogs so I don't know if there is a lot I can say about myself that you may not already know so I hope I am not repeating myself. This is the first three we are being asked:

Your birt
I was actually born in Charleston, West Virginia. People tease me about it because some feel that West Virginia is about as backwards as a place can be. Jokes are made all of the time about people from West Virginia marrying their brothers, cousins, etc. inferring that people from there are inbred dummies. Most of the jokes are innocent fun but because of it, I don't go around telling everyone where I was born. I am not ashamed of it but I am not always in the mood to hear the jokes. West Virginia is a beautiful state in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It used to have mostly coal mines as its major industry. Many of my relatives (before my time) were coal miners). My parents moved to Florida when I was just a few months old so I consider myself a Floridian more than anything else.

The things you just can't leave home without
For the most part I don't leave home without my phone but there are times I do. Not right now of course because my daughter can go into labor anytime. We are all on pins and needles waiting. The one other thing I have trouble leaving the house without (and not always by choice) is my dog Toby. He thinks he should go everywhere I go. If I am going some place he can't go, I have to have a long conversation with him and explain why he can't go, where I'm going, and when I will be back. Otherwise, he will bark the whole time I am gone. Interestingly, after I have my talk with him, he seems to understand and behaves himself. LOL

The oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe
Since I have been in the process of cleaning out all of my closets and dressers, I don't have much of anything left, let alone, something old. I would say the oldest item in my closet is my cowboy boots. I bought them in Nashville, Tennessee about 25 years ago (give or take a little). I still wear them occasionally.

Here are a couple of nostalgic pictures. One is of my mom when she was thirty something. If she was still living she would be 97 next month. Sadly, she passed away in 2005. The other picture is of my son when he was around two. He is now 43. Times sure does fly!

As usual, I am enjoying reading everyone's posts. Have a good evening and I will post again later this week.

Monday, March 18, 2013

To Close Out Laugh Week

To close out the week on the word LAUGH, here are three pictures that should make you at least smile! One is of my husband, Thadd looking silly at a St. Paddy's Day dinner and one is of Henry laughing. He is such a delightful child and for the most part is always happy. The last one is of a female pop singer (Nicki Manaj) I saw on the internet and could not resist copying. I do not like this person's music and I think she looks ridiculous most of the time. What do you think? LOL xxx


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laugh Continued

This is a clip from the movie Old Dogs. Their pills have been mixed up and since they did not take their regular meds they are reacting totally different to them The movie is very funny.

I am also adding a new picture of Henry playing on the slide.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Word for March - Laugh

After Serendipity and Impossible, our word for March is LAUGH.

So . . .  How often do you laugh, what makes you laugh, confess all the silly things you laugh about and if you have videos or photos to share, please upload them below. 

This was supposed to be an easy word but I am having trouble with it believe it or not. I have enjoyed others posts, pictures and videos but find I am coming up short on my own. So, I will answer the questions first. How often do I laugh? I find myself laughing quite often, and sometimes I am the brunt of my own laughter. Without really trying I can do some goofy things that make me laugh at myself. I laugh at the silly things that my dog Toby does. My grandson makes me laugh and so does my husband. I guess I am amused easily! LOL!

Here the half hour shows on TV that are supposed to be comedies are called "sit-coms". For the most part, I don't find them funny so I don't watch them. I have only one I watch on a regular basis and it is called The Big Bang Theory. Most of you (if any) probably have never heard of it. I do enjoy reruns of Keeping Up Appearances and feel the British shows are better than most of the ones we have here. I wish I access to more of them. There are some movies that I love that make me laugh through the whole show. One is Old Dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta. Another is Wild Hogs with John Travolta (again), William H. Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence. 

So for now, I am going to post a picture of Thadd's birthday cake from his surprise 60th (which was four years ago) party. I think it will speak for itself.  I am going to also put a picture of him in his birthday hat. He is one of the few men I know that would actually wear one. I laugh every time I see this picture of him. I haven't had much success in posting videos but if I can find one of either of the movies listed above, I will try again on my next post and will also try to find some more pictures.

Thank you for all of your kind comments. I think you are all a wonderful, caring group of people and I am so glad to have met you. xxx

Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog Settings

I have tried changing my settings to avoid comments from anonymous people. Please let me know if you have trouble leaving a comment or seeing my blog.  Thanks!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

View of a Visitor

Some of you are wondering what a 'cold snap' is here in Florida. Well, depending on who you ask it can be anything below 70 degrees F! LOL! Actually, I consider a cold snap to be when the weather is going to be down in the 30's (usually 38-39) and only a high in the 50's or 60's. Most of the plants in our yards (we don't call them gardens but I have to say I like the word garden better) are not suited to anything under 50 degrees F. When it comes to plants we have perennials and annuals. The perennials come back every year, are hardier plants and can withstand colder temperatures. Annuals usually die out during the winter months and have to be replaced  though in Florida a lot of the annuals do survive the winter. They become scraggly and have to either be cut back or dug up. We prefer perennials because it gets expensive to replace the annuals every year.

This is a picture of a visitor on my car yesterday. I am not sure what the bird is called but it is one of many here where we live. This area is considered a bird sanctuary so we get all kinds. It was also nice enough to leave a large deposit on top. Now I need to get my car washed.

Lynn, I too am getting comments from an anonymous person. I have just been ignoring them. Guess it goes with the territory.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Another March View

I couldn't resist adding this photo of Henry trying to climb into the refrigerator. I guess he thought he could help his mommy and daddy fix dinner. LOL! They were anxious for him to start walking. Wonder if they still feel the same? He is taking right after his mommy because she was a climber too. Always getting into things. xxx

The View from my Kitchen Window (not)

I am jealous! Everyone seems to have such  nice views from their kitchen windows and all I have is a wall! LOL! I will just have to make do with some pictures I took out in the yard. We have a Bougainvillea in a big pot in the front of the house. The pot is fairly old has a big crack running down the side of it but so far, the plant is still doing okay. We do not seem to have very good luck with this plant. We have managed to kill every single one we have ever bought except for this one but we have only had it for about eight months, so it's still early. LOL! They do not do very well in cold weather and the few cold snaps we have had caused all of the leaves and flowers to drop. It is starting to come back now so I took three pictures of it. One from a distance and two close up. The other picture is of one of our Crepe Myrtles. They get cut back for the winter months and get new leaves and flowers as Spring comes along. This one is just starting to get new growth (leaves).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The View Challenge - March

We were asked to add another picture to our view. Here is a new picture of Henry on the floor playing with his cars. He is now walking and trying his best to talk. Of course he can say a few words but I think one of his favorites is 'car'. While he is in his mommy's car, he points out every one he sees go by. LOL

Here is another view picture. I took this one yesterday of a soft-shelled turtle sunning itself. We have many ponds here on the golf course and with oodles of these turtles in every size. This one is quite large. They don't like people and usually go back into the water if you get too close. I wish I could have gotten a better shot but I zoomed as much as I could (I only had my phone camera to use). Right after I took the picture, it went into the water. These turtles are very ugly if you ask me. They are not like your regular box or snapping turtles. They have very square heads and are an brownish color.
I will add some new pictures to the other link showing what is going on outside my windows (or in my yard since I don't have much in the way of views out of my windows). I will also have some new pictures of Henry since I will be seeing him Saturday.
I look forward to reading everyone's posts and seeing their pictures. Take care and have a good rest of the

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Look closely. The beautiful may be small

I hope everyone doesn't think I am odd but I have had trouble wrapping my brain around the quote. So, I came up an idea other than taking some pictures of some plants, etc.

This is a picture of the first ultrasound they did on my daughter that shows the baby (Henry) At this point the baby is about eight weeks old and weighs only ounces. A baby's development while in the womb is nothing short of a miracle and in my eyes, beautiful though small.

Here is a picture of Henry that was taken approximately two weeks ago when they were at the house for Thadd's birthday. Big change right?

This is an ultrasound picture of "peanut" her unborn baby. I believe this was done when she was 14-16 weeks (thought it may be earlier). Peanut is our nickname for the baby since we do not know if she is having a boy or a girl. She has four weeks of her pregnancy left but has been told by the doctor that she could go into labor anytime within the next couple of weeks.

Giving birth to a child is one of the most miraculous experiences that a family can go through. Even though these pictures show a very small baby, the images are promise of a beautiful little human being.

I hope I am not offending anyone with these pictures. If I have, I apologize. Please let me know and I will make sure not to use these kinds of pictures again. Everyone have a good day xxx