Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yesteryear and Landscape

Here is my picture for Friday - Yesteryear. It is a picture of my Dad with his dad (my grandfather). I am also posting a picture of me when I was in second grade (6 or 7 years old).

Here are some various "landscape" photos.

Some of these may be repeats. Sorry if they are. Take care everyone and have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pictures - Gallery, Window, and Family

Well, here I am, behind again and I told myself I would be better this week!

I don't have any new gallery or window pictures but I do have some in my archives. My former brother-in-law owns and runs a mixed media art gallery. He has everything from jewelry to paintings to photography in the gallery. Here are a few pictures of items in his gallery I have captured. I hope I am not breaking any copyright laws!

This is painted on fabric

This is photography

This is a watercolor painting

In a window? I am going to repost my picture of bread cooling in the window of our local baker, The YNot Bakery.

And last but not least, family.  

That's it for tonight! xxxxx

Monday, October 13, 2014

In our House - Monday

This week I thought it would be nice to share with each other some pictures ... or painting... or objets d'art we have in our houses.. or see in our travels... or ones we love to look at !

Show us your Great Pictures or Things you Like to Look at!

Monday... in your house
Tuesday .. in a gallery
Wednesday ... in a shop window
Thursday ... family picture
Friday .. from yesteryear
Saturday ... landscape
Sunday ... ornament in your living room

Sorry I have not been blogging lately but I just haven't had a whole lot to contribute to the prompts so I decided to take a break.  So as you can see above we are to share pictures of paintings, or art, etc in our house and other areas. I don't think I will have anything for Tuesday that is recent but I have some pictures in my archives I can use.

So here is today's picture. These are some handmade objects that are sold locally here by men to come right up to the car windows. They say they have made them here locally and one guy will even show you some old cuss/scars on his fingers he said he got from making them but since I have been offered so many that look exactly alike from different people, I figure they really came from China or someplace! LOL! The figure on the left is a Manatee or Sea Cow and the other is a turtle. Sorry this is not a better picture.

What I would love to see in my house are these two cuties!

Until tomorrow! Take care! xxxxxxx