Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pictures - Gallery, Window, and Family

Well, here I am, behind again and I told myself I would be better this week!

I don't have any new gallery or window pictures but I do have some in my archives. My former brother-in-law owns and runs a mixed media art gallery. He has everything from jewelry to paintings to photography in the gallery. Here are a few pictures of items in his gallery I have captured. I hope I am not breaking any copyright laws!

This is painted on fabric

This is photography

This is a watercolor painting

In a window? I am going to repost my picture of bread cooling in the window of our local baker, The YNot Bakery.

And last but not least, family.  

That's it for tonight! xxxxx


  1. More brilliant photos, Joy. How lovely to have a brother in law who owns a gallery

  2. Lovely family pictures! Excellent!