Friday, August 29, 2014

Travel Tales - Friday

Friday's prompt: ACTIVITY OR RELAXING:

I like some activity but now I am limited because of my knees. It was a different story when I was younger. We have taken cruises where we have climbed Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica (which is not easy to do), we hiked back to the falls in Dominica, and back on ship, spent every night in the disco dancing. Unfortunately, those days are gone for me now so I find relaxing with a good book just as fulfilling. Here are a few pictures of the last really active things I have done.

With the boys at Gatorland.

At the top of the Altun Ha ruins in Belize. Boy, a lot of stairs to climb. 

In Costa Maya feeding the baby tiger. This is more my speed now.

My idea of relaxing. Just add a book and something to drink.

Everyone have a good weekend. xxxxx


  1. Hope you have had a good weekend as well, Joy. We are like you not such active holidays now

  2. Beautiful pictures, my dear friend!
    Here are fallen leaves in the last photo - small signs of autumn ..
    Enjoy your retirement!