Friday, August 29, 2014

Travel Tales - Friday

Friday's prompt: ACTIVITY OR RELAXING:

I like some activity but now I am limited because of my knees. It was a different story when I was younger. We have taken cruises where we have climbed Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica (which is not easy to do), we hiked back to the falls in Dominica, and back on ship, spent every night in the disco dancing. Unfortunately, those days are gone for me now so I find relaxing with a good book just as fulfilling. Here are a few pictures of the last really active things I have done.

With the boys at Gatorland.

At the top of the Altun Ha ruins in Belize. Boy, a lot of stairs to climb. 

In Costa Maya feeding the baby tiger. This is more my speed now.

My idea of relaxing. Just add a book and something to drink.

Everyone have a good weekend. xxxxx

Travel Tales - Thursday

To continue with our challenge this week, I am Thursday late.

THURSDAY - FAR AWAY: The furthest away I have been is when we went to Venice for our cruise. I have already put pictures of that trip on here, so I am going to fudge it a bit since we are so far away from the grandkids and put a few pictures of them here.

Zach getting his brown belt in Karate.

Summer fun riding bicycles.

Spencer hamming it up for the camera.

The boys got a new (second hand) playset for the backyard.

Having fun in their own backyard.

They love playing in the water table.

Spencer looks like he is going to lose his pants! LOL

Spencer loves to swing!

Oh, back to school for Erik and Reidar.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Travel Tales - Wednesday

WEDNESDAY - CLOSE TO HOME: We have moved to another house that is closer to town and much smaller. The house we left had issues that we overlooked because we were blinded by the beautiful view. The doors of that house were very hard to lock and unlock which was a major safety issue. We asked for the locks to be replaced but the landlord refused to spend the money necessary to do so. That was the deciding factor for us to move. One of our main objectives for moving to Belize was so we could live cheaper and save money. We were not doing that. This new house is not as expensive. It is a typical Belizean house in a typical Belizean neighborhood which is where we had wanted to live from the beginning. It is a small, two bedroom, one bath house but....we have a small swimming pool! I love it here as it is more homey and cozy. Since it is smaller, we can run the air conditioning as well so I am much more comfortable in this heat.

So, where as my travels did not take me too far from what we now consider our home, my pictures will be of around town. If I have already used some of these, I'm sorry for repeating. I take pictures to put on my Facebook page as well.

Typical buildings around town.

Dogs get on the roof of houses to stay cool.

This is supposed to be a nightclub.

Cane fields.

Town square where men hang out to talk.

Cane truck.

Our police station.

Sea grapes.

Ferry in Consejo which is hand cranked.

One of the many Ruins.

Breakfast at Miss Junes.

Play area for the kids.

Corozal Library.

Sylvia (the lady in the dark top) at the market. She is our favorite vendor there.

My lunch at Miss Junes - Cow Foot Soup.

This is the fire pit and palapa in the back yard at our new house.

The pool in our backyard at the new house.

I know this is a lot of pictures but I hope you enjoy them and get a little taste of where we are living. I am much happier in our new house. It seems more like "home" to me. Take care everyone! xxxxx

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travel Tales - Tuesday

TUESDAY - WORST TRIP EVER: We love to cruise. We think that for the money it is the best way to go. I do have to say though that we had a terrible time when we took a cruise on Costa Cruise Line. The ship was beautiful but the service was so terrible and the food, ugh, not even good, including the Italian food. Costa is an Italian cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation. They own most of the cruise lines out there now (most run out of the US) except for Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Regent, Seabourne, and Norwegian. I heard they are trying to buy Princess Cruise Lines as well but I don't know if that has happened. They advertise themselves as the largest cruise company in the world, and I guess they are. Anyway, we took a seven day Caribbean cruise on the Costa Atlantica and I can honestly say it was the worse trip we have ever taken (and we have taken a LOT of cruises).

How bad was it you ask? So bad I didn't even take any pictures! Here are some pictures I found online. Like I said, it was a beautiful ship but I will never cruise with them again. All the beauty in the world doesn't make up for the poor service we received.


Travel Tales - Monday

 Can you share with us some of your best travel stories or images..

Monday .... dream destination
Tuesday  ... worst trip ever!
Wednesday  ... close to home
Thursday ... far away
Friday  ... activity or relaxing?
Saturday  ... childhood trips
Sunday  ... fantasy holiday guest!

Hope this prompts some fun thoughts.. especially that fantasy guest!

MONDAY - DREAM DESTINATION: One of our dream destinations was Greece. We took a two week Mediterranean cruise that included Greece (this is the cruise we met Lynne and Peter on). Hubby is really into history and I am really into Greek food. LOL! We loved just about every place we went on that trip including Turkey, Croatia  and Venice but for me, Greece was the dream come true! We want to travel to the UK next. Maybe this next year????

Market in Corfu
 Gondolas in Venice

Ephesus (Izmir) Turkey
Dubrovnik Croatia